About Us


Computers are plastic, metals and sand.

People are brilliance, discernment and vision.

Computers are good at heavy processing, people are good at heavy thinking.

Technology is merely a tool but when combined with the right vision, they can and are having a transformational effect on society.

At Cyborg we admire machines but it ends there. What drives us is how technology can be use to enrich our everyday lives in far reaching and disrupting ways.

Our vision is to;

  • Create channels that will provide pertinent information to people readily available to them in an intuitive and compelling manner

  • Build a lasting and sustained relationship between organisations and their customers by engaging them with compelling media contents

  • Promote and work with organisations to manage information risk as technology pervades every area of our life

  • Become the trusted provider of information services to the public and providing a platform for organisations to engage and provide goods and services.