Information Services

Access to information is one of the major challenges that hinder growth and development.

To live a fulfilling and productive life in this modern age, people need access to the right information when they need it.

We are building channels for delivering information to people on the issues that matter most to them every day and impact their productivity and lifestyle.

For all your basic and essential everyday needs, we have a channel to assist you with all your information needs. Your virtual assistant, catering to all your information needs and helping you lead a happy and productive life.

We also encourage interaction between people, creating opportunities to exchange ideas, share your thoughts or seek expert advice. In each area, we have experts who will be providing advice and tips.


Food comes first – says the FAO, the United Nations body. And we agree!!! What we eat and drink nourishes our mind and sustains our body clock. 9jafood provides information about your nutritional needs, covering where to go, what to eat and drink, how to prepare tasty and delicious food for your family, etc.


Property is one of the most engaging tasks in our lives. Whatever the question – where to live, where to invest, how to maintain our homes……………. 9japroperty approaches these issues in a most engaging manner – providing the public with information on decorating, equipping and maintaining their homes. We also provide crucial information about communities, helping people to make informed decisions about where to live.


Wealth and value might appear synonymous to some people but they are different. You create value to become wealthy, (except you are bequeathed an inheritance or win a lottery!!!) 9jamoney provides information about how to manage your financial needs prudently, choosing the right product or service, learning investment strategies and tips, etc. All of the essential things you need to know as you create value to become wealthy.


Health is wealth. None of us can dispute this. A healthy mind and body is essential for every one of us to live a happy and fulfilling life. 9jahealth provides information about all our basic health needs and common ailments. We will also provide all you need to live a healthy lifestyle.


An essential part of our lives are our journeys. Whether travelling either to work, school social engagements, holidays or business. 9jatravel provides us with essential information required to make our travelling experience a fulfilling and unforgettable experience with tips, advices, and updates that will make your travelling a pleasant one.


Issues of the law affect us in many ways and are something we always struggle with. Whether it is about understanding the rules on housing, credit, traffic, or our rights when we are aggrieved or we are being subjected to litigation, or what legal channels are available for settling disputes and conflicts – 9jalegal provides information to the public both private and commercial on fine points of the law.