Information Risk Management



We work with organizations to implement international best practice in risk management with regards to information assets and security through the following ways:



  • Plans and manage the implementation of organisation-wide processes and procedures, tools and techniques for the identification, assessment and management of risk inherent in the operation of business processes and of potential risks arising from planned IT-enabled change

  • Develop a corporate information security policy, standards and guidelines to protect corporate data against internal and external threat

  • Process to manage risks that threaten business activities through breaches in data confidentiality, integrity and availability

  • Prepare and maintain organisational strategies that address the evolving business risk and information control requirements

  • Develop strategies for ensuring the security of automated systems in a repeatable and consistent manner

  • Develop and implement processes to promote and information risk awareness culture within the organisation

  • Ensures that the policy and standards for security are fit for purpose, current and correctly implemented

  • As privacy and regulatory compliance becomes critical business priorities, help organisations develop processes to ensure that their business partners comply with enterprise security and acceptable use policy